Tumblr Thursday!!!!!

Remember to reblog your answer to this question and include your Hall name for GFPS!!!!!!

When and where is Kickbrawl?

What does acronym STARS stand for?

Remembers STARS Conference is Saturday, March 9th at 10am in the SU MPR.

Tumblr Thursday

Hey New Paltz! It’s that time of the week again! The question for this week is: What does the “ABC” in the ABC Buzz Karaoke (Friday 15th) at SU100 at 8PM stand for?

Hey everyone! Just a reminder that tomorrow is our Anything But Clothes Buzz Karaoke from 8-10 in SU 100S! Hope to see you all there in your amazing outfits!!! <3

Hello everyone!! The Hall Gov. Mixer is STILL ON for tonight! Just a reminder that it is from 5-8 in Deyo main lounge. See you all there! <3

Tumblr Thursday!!!!!

Hey y’all! Today’s question is: What is the theme of STARS?

Hey everyone! Hope you’re enjoying the Superbowl! Just a reminder that our AC meeting is tomorrow night, 2/4, at 9 in Student Union 62/63! NCC Applications are due tomorrow at this time! See you all then! <3

Hello everyone! We WILL be having a meeting tonight at 9 in Scudder. Hope to see you all there! <3

Hey everyone! Just a reminder that our first meeting of the semester is tomorrow, 1/28 at 9 in Scudder Hall! Hope to see you there! <3

What is theme of NEACURH 2012?

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